We are a family owned and operated farm operation. Situated near the beautiful Birdtail Valley of Manitoba, our dad started farming in this area in 1948 and we have continued to grow as a family and as a business with over 400 Registered Simmental females. Along with the cattle, we also have 8,000 acres of crop land that we farm into wheat, oats, barley, canola, and grasses for pasture and hayland.

Our herd consists of polled and horned fullbloods, full-flecks, red and black purebreds. We are continually striving to develop our strong walking herdbull battery. Presently we are proud to own: KOP Crosby 137W, Kuntz Sheriff 8A, Spring Creek Wallbanger 11Z, Skors Black Crochet 234Z, BLCC Baron 183Z, Silver Lake Big Stride 60B, Spring Creek Ranson 14Y, JPCC Mr. Liner75B, Erixon Dealer 63Z, RPlus 110Z "Red Sledge", LFE BS Lewis 322U "Stubby", LFE Black Ridgeline 536W, LFE Rochfort 3013T, KWA Red Rock 5T, MFI Jeremiah 9022, BLCC Heartland 434X, KOP Ponderosa 144Y, BLCC Whistler 432X.

To complement our powerful herdbulls, we implement a vast AI and embryo transplant program. Using many innovative and exciting new young bulls, as well as proven foundation genetics. Leading bulls from across the continent: Double Bar D United 176A, Wheatland Final Affair 4014B, Crossroad Radium 789U, MF Evan 14P, Whealtnad Circuit Break LER 325A, LFE Vegas 3145A, Champs Romano 98X, Western Union 5Z, PRL Houston 005H, LFE BISS Black Advance 4260, Mr. Hoc Brocker to name a few to name a few. This is our way to continue to offer value-added females for sale every fall that are 636carrying in-demand services to the most current sires.

We have work hard on our breeding program. Our goal is to raise cattle that work in a variety of genetic programs under a variety of conditions. With all the hardships in the cattle industry we still get very excited about the Simmentals we raise. Red, black, Polled, Horned, or Full Fleckvieh - its the diversity that keeps our breed in such high demand.

Above all else, we enjoy the people and encourage anyone who is interested to give us a call or stop in. The coffee is always on and the beer is always cold.

We look forward to visiting with you.